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Thursday, July 1st, 2004
7:47 pm

Mini Golf Tomorrow? Anyone have an idea about what time we should all meet?
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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

We need our "WE ARE DONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" dinner! So when should our Mini Golf/Dinner time be!! I am pretty open the next few days.
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Monday, May 17th, 2004
10:15 pm

I think our director would do well to treat us to Rockstars and Adrenalines.

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Sunday, May 16th, 2004
2:23 am


::hits head against wall::

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
4:31 pm - I HATE IMACS!!

I movie crashed, time number 3 for modus.

It messed up every. single. clip.

But I will not spazz, because I have been backing it up on the extrenal drive.

It's not that big of a deal, it just really sucks because I DID lose 4 hours of sound work.

Oh well, I'll just redo it better.


Edit: it's 5:13 and I'm still waiting for the back up to copy back on the imac. I am amusing my self with tali-vision.

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
8:44 pm

Modus Mix

I put in Amelie music instead of 28/20. They sound similar, and the transition to Exhibit 13 fits nicely. I don't know, maybe it's worse, maybe it's better.
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
9:47 pm - GO ME XD

Our report book for Modus is DONE!! (with the exception of Alicia's & Alyssa's Reflections on Modus)

I r0x0rs.

I like the title page, and the captions for the picture sections. I also loike the copy of script draft three I used (and there'll be ROCKKKKKSTARRRRS!)

The Film Log is also quite exciting, cause all it is is slicing_move printed out! I enjoy our icon-ness in it.

current mood: accomplished
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5:46 pm - Stuufffffffff

So I went into ROP today and picked up the external disk, so go me XD

But I also found out from Chuck that the will not be open this thusday, which is NOT GOOD! But I have decided not to stress about it and just concentrate on getting everything done that I possibly can get done.

I am 98% done editing.

I am also starting out book tonight (remember to get your write ups to me!!)

Chris! Alicia needs to talk to you about her animation, she probably won't call you, but could you call herCollapse )??

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
12:30 pm - What happend when Miss Elisa gets bored...??

...She types in Modus Vivendi in a google imagic search!

My Favorite.

My Other Favorite.

Also Lovely.

I don't get it.

I am truly excited to learn that Modus Vivendi is a Western Australian Metal Band.

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12:12 am - Crunchcrunchcrunchcrunch

Elisa! AHEICHU!! All your scenes are taking forever!!!!!

Abby! I love you! All your scenes are suprisingly and pleasantly easy. <3<3

Jen and Talaya and Ami are not in this at all, and I need two names... which ones should I use?

And Alicia, try HT Video Splitter. It's very simple to use, and the demo is functional. It gives you a logo thing at the bottom, but you can just cover it with a black strip or something. Remember, the final cut is going to be in widescreen, so animate accordingly (don't let it get covered up)!
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Friday, April 30th, 2004
10:42 pm - Por Alicia

Oh-kay. I've burned the scenes for Alicia. Though I spliced it on iMovie, I couldn't get it to burn as separate files, so it's burned as one giant 300-something MB file.


1)Copy file onto hard drive. Make sure you have at least 650MB of workable free space!!
2)Make a new .FLA document, make sure the framerate is 30.
4)If prompted to imbed into file, click yes (your computer may ask this multiple times, I have no idea why)
5)Use these settings:
Quality: 100
Keyframe: 30
Synchronize video to document: YES
Import ratio: 1:1
Import audio: NO

You can't splice the files in Flash either, so you're going to have to work with one big file (sorry.. :( ). There's some stuff of my stuff in the beginning, you can just ignore it and skip over to the bug and sky scene.

Or if your computer gets too bogged down, you can animate with quality 10 or so. When you're done with everything, you can delete that file and replace it with the same file of quality 100.
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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
5:29 pm - ^^


Hehe, I'[m excited cause we got an okay back from the blue man group saying we could use "Exibit 13" in Modus. They also sent me an address because they want to see it when it is done. It's very cool cause, we got an offical yes back from someone.

I really do hope we recive on from mr rufus wainwright~~~~ that would make my life.

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
8:06 pm - Dubbing!

Alright I'm ready for dubbing. The following are the parts needed to dub.

For Alicia:
*tali on lonelieness
*tali & rufus meet again
*tree discription
*new dialoge over montage

For David:
*tali & rufus meet again
*new dialoge over montage
*rufus in head

For Abby:
*mother in head

Since dubbing will be done on a one-on-one basis with me and the actor, I will scedule around YOU. So please contact me with a day that is good for you, and we can do it. Hopfully it won't take to long to do, Abby should plan on about a half hour. Alicia and David I will most likely be needing you for 2 to 3 hours. Hopefully it will run smoothly and we will need less time. But I will give you snacks, and you won't be outside. And you don't have to worry about looking correctly, so hopefully it won't be so bad. You'll just get sick and tired of the lines ^^;

So comment and/or call me to scedule your dubbing session!!

Oh, and if anyone is curious, the current running time for modus is 21 minuets

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
12:01 am - wooo~~!

yes! i finally finished editing the script~ =_= so tired...

anyways, HERE it is.

there are a few lines i either
a) couldnt read and guessed on; or
b) changed a little to make more sense
but that should be a problem with anyone, so yes.

and everyone: can you please print your OWN copy of the script and bring it with you so that we can all practice at the same time! you can make it look however you like, but we all need a script! THANK YOU!

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
11:10 am - yay!

i decided since we arent filming the final scene in the morning to change the time of meeting to 9:30/10:00 and i edited the schedule from my earlier post to say so, and that gives us all a little more sleeping time and a little more getting-ready-before-we-meet time, and also some workout time for me =D
i figure that no one would have been to my house til at least nine anyway, so try and show up between 9:30 and 10, because that gives leeway...yes.

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12:47 am - Work Work Work.

I've changed the end of the opening song, the new version is here.

The part that is changed is for the live footage anyways, so I guess you don't really need it for the animation, chris, but I uploaded it just in case, so when you have the final version with static, make sure you send it back my way, okay? Thanks.

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
6:20 pm

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my animation status at all. I've been working on everything at once, so I'm making good progress, but there probably won't be anything to show until the end. I'm sorry if that causes trouble.

Plus, the files are getting waaaaaay too big to post online.

The schedule is really, really tight right now and I'm kinda getting I-don't-feel-like-doing-this but I'm fighting that off and I'll guarantee a finish by the twelfth of May.

I won't be able to help film tomorrow. Again, sorry if that causes trouble.
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6:24 pm - Updated Schedule!!

okay, since there were problems with the original schedule, i have fixed that, and talked to everyone about it already (that was done on saturday) mostly it is just a change in time on tuesday and wednesday
this was the old schedule:
Tuesday, April 13 - 8:00am, Alyssa and Abby's house
Wednesday, April 14 - 12:30pm, Alyssa and Abby's house
Thursday, April 15 - 3:00pm, Costa Mesa High

and this is the new schedule:
Tuesday, April 13 - 1:00pm, Alyssa and Abby's house will be done After Dark (Fixing script ,meeting scene, maybe flashback, Greenscreen and reshoot of fight scene.)

Wednesday, April 14 - 9:30/10:00am, Alyssa and Abby's house will be done after dark (david walking parts, reshooting final scene, flashback if not yet done, any filming and montage stuff that is not finished yet)

The fight and Final scenes will be shot after sunset! if you have battery-powered high voltage lights bring them with you please!
and once again: IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS CALL ME!! i dont use the computer enough to check on your comments every hour or so between now and tomorrow, so i need you to call me and if i am not home leave a message and i will get back to you!
thank you all for being available and flexible!

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1:51 am - potato-face

Okay, I have fixed the sound problem! I must be really lucky cause I made alot guess that turned out right to where things belonged. Oh boy.

Anyways, I now once again have EVERYTHING that I can do editing-wise done.

Chris: In the process of editing the scenes before and atfer the open cedits, I need to make a slight change in the edited version I gave you of Le Ciel. I will have a new copy up tonight, but I NEED to talk to you if you have any problems. Also, you are adding a bit to the mix, so I need to know about that so it all gets sorted out properly!! Thanks~~!!

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
3:40 am - shit.


I am going to go kill myself now or something because I am the biggest idiot in the world, although it wasn't my mistake, it was the piece of crap imac's, but ALL THE FUCKING SOUND IS NOW 15 SECONDS BEHIND!!!! THAT MEANS THE FIX IT I HAVE TO MOVE EVRY SINGAL SOUND CLIP BACK IN IT'S PLACE. AND THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF SOUNDS CLIPS. AND IT'S GOING TO TAKE HOURS. AND I MIGHT NOT GET A SLIP EXCATLY MATCHED UP AND IT WILL BUG ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I think I will go die now.

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