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Updated Schedule!!

okay, since there were problems with the original schedule, i have fixed that, and talked to everyone about it already (that was done on saturday) mostly it is just a change in time on tuesday and wednesday
this was the old schedule:
Tuesday, April 13 - 8:00am, Alyssa and Abby's house
Wednesday, April 14 - 12:30pm, Alyssa and Abby's house
Thursday, April 15 - 3:00pm, Costa Mesa High

and this is the new schedule:
Tuesday, April 13 - 1:00pm, Alyssa and Abby's house will be done After Dark (Fixing script ,meeting scene, maybe flashback, Greenscreen and reshoot of fight scene.)

Wednesday, April 14 - 9:30/10:00am, Alyssa and Abby's house will be done after dark (david walking parts, reshooting final scene, flashback if not yet done, any filming and montage stuff that is not finished yet)

The fight and Final scenes will be shot after sunset! if you have battery-powered high voltage lights bring them with you please!
and once again: IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS CALL ME!! i dont use the computer enough to check on your comments every hour or so between now and tomorrow, so i need you to call me and if i am not home leave a message and i will get back to you!
thank you all for being available and flexible!
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