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Por Alicia

Oh-kay. I've burned the scenes for Alicia. Though I spliced it on iMovie, I couldn't get it to burn as separate files, so it's burned as one giant 300-something MB file.


1)Copy file onto hard drive. Make sure you have at least 650MB of workable free space!!
2)Make a new .FLA document, make sure the framerate is 30.
4)If prompted to imbed into file, click yes (your computer may ask this multiple times, I have no idea why)
5)Use these settings:
Quality: 100
Keyframe: 30
Synchronize video to document: YES
Import ratio: 1:1
Import audio: NO

You can't splice the files in Flash either, so you're going to have to work with one big file (sorry.. :( ). There's some stuff of my stuff in the beginning, you can just ignore it and skip over to the bug and sky scene.

Or if your computer gets too bogged down, you can animate with quality 10 or so. When you're done with everything, you can delete that file and replace it with the same file of quality 100.
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