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Our report book for Modus is DONE!! (with the exception of Alicia's & Alyssa's Reflections on Modus)

I r0x0rs.

I like the title page, and the captions for the picture sections. I also loike the copy of script draft three I used (and there'll be ROCKKKKKSTARRRRS!)

The Film Log is also quite exciting, cause all it is is slicing_move printed out! I enjoy our icon-ness in it.
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I have to go get a Cermony at HBHS on Wedensday...at 6:20...Sad...
Horrible Sadness!! Shall we rescedule?? I shall ask the others tommorow what we should do~~

(oh! your lj is alive again!)
Yeah, I believe we should, I'll be at it from 6:20 till "?", "?" being synonymous with "About 9:00 PM". And yes, My LJ is alive again. but probably only to post this...
Dinner has been moved to Thursday! Still 6:45!

You should keep it aliveeee~~~~~~
Maybe I will, Maybe I will...it's kind of pointless but I may...