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Okay, I have fixed the sound problem! I must be really lucky cause I made alot guess that turned out right to where things belonged. Oh boy.

Anyways, I now once again have EVERYTHING that I can do editing-wise done.

Chris: In the process of editing the scenes before and atfer the open cedits, I need to make a slight change in the edited version I gave you of Le Ciel. I will have a new copy up tonight, but I NEED to talk to you if you have any problems. Also, you are adding a bit to the mix, so I need to know about that so it all gets sorted out properly!! Thanks~~!!
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Oh okay, here's my version:

Le Ciel

I cut out a few seconds of the beginning because it was too long. I can fix the static if you want me to, but since the scene is TV-ish it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
I couldn't find my Blankey CD, so I just used Komoriuta and Odaijini by Shena Ringo. The transitions will have static inbetween, so it won't be as awkward as it is right now.